Two ways your group can help:

  • Partner with an already-established group.

If you’d rather be a partner with a group which has already gone through the official process, you are welcome to do that.  We will provide you with all the information and materials we have to assist you in spreading the word and getting as many sponsorships as possible.  Most groups participate in what’s called a “Three for Two” fundraising group, which means every two wreaths that are sponsored, a third wreath is donated by that organization (automatically) for free.  This helps us maximize the number of wreaths we are able to place each year.  For groups like the Auburn Composite Squadron, it has never been our intention to make money off this event, so if you work with us, you’ll commit to our vision and help us place as many wreaths out there as possible.

  • Create your own “Fundraising” Group:
    1. Become your own “Three for Two” group. This is the same thing that the Auburn squadron does, as we are able to maximize the number of wreaths based on sponsorships.  For every two wreaths you get sponsored, Wreaths Across America will donate a third wreath for free to our event.   Basically, instead of getting money back (like the traditional fundraising groups get), that money will go towards additional wreaths.
    2. Become your own traditional fundraising group. For every wreath your group gets sponsored, you will receive $5.00 back from Wreaths Across America.  This can be a good motivational tool to get your folks to get out there and raise sponsorships in friendly competition or esprit de corps.  We do require that a group make known to their potential sponsors that they are getting money back for their efforts, because other groups are not doing that, and we must keep that information clear to those sponsoring the wreaths.
      1. If you decide to participate as your own fundraising group rather than tag along with an already established group, you must agree to all the policies set forth by Wreaths Across America, as well as agree to a few standards we have for Ft Mitchell.

Creating your own fundraising group

First, you must let the Location Leader (contact info below), about your group’s decision.  This way we are aware of your intentions and know to expect the request being forwarded to us by Wreaths Across America.   This also helps us get your groups info so we can add it to the webpage, event fliers, media releases, etc.

Second, go to to begin the process.

  • Fill out all the required information.
  • Location Group Name: Fort Mitchell National Cemetery
  • Location Group ID: ALFMNF
  • View and READ the policy guide. You will be held responsible for any misrepresentation of the national Wreaths Across America organization, as well as termination as a partner of this location should you go outside the boundaries of their policies or the standards we have in place locally.
  • Any money you get for Wreaths Across America MUST be submitted to the national organization before the cutoff day. If someone cuts your group a check for WAA, that money is not for your group; it is for wreath sponsorships.  If a group wants to donate to your group, that’s fine, but they must indicate that it only goes to your group.  If it’s for WAA, it’s legally not your money.

You will receive a lot of emails (sometime information overload) from the national organization on your fundraising group ID (critical for your sponsors to know and utilize if you want to get credit for their wreaths), as well as how to edit your group’s page on the Wreaths Across America website (ours, the Auburn Civil Air Patrol, is:

You will also be provided information on how you can order advertising materials, press release models, etc for going out and getting wreath sponsorships.

Don’t panic!  We’re here to help you out and work as a team to make Fort Mitchell the best event possible because in the end, it’s not about us; it’s all about the heroes laid to rest out there, and for their families and friends.

Contact one of our coordinators via email:, or go on Facebook ( and send us a message.